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 Terrestrial Digital Receiver Full High Definition MPEG-4, DVB-T2, H.265, HEVC

LEGENT HD8 is a terrestrial digital receiver, Full HD resolution. It has a remote control which it can be programmed for the basic functions of the TV. It has, also, a PVR recording function. Enjoy digital terrestrial channels with perfect picture and sound.




  • Decoding MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 HP@L4.1,  DVB-T2 H.265 HEVC, Full High Definition.
  • 1000 Channels Capacity TV/Radio, Reception 170 – 230MHz and 470-860MHz , Bandwidth 7/8MHZ, Modulation QPSK, 16QAM, 64QAM
  • Front Panel length 13.5 cm.  5 Control buttons in front panel, Digital Display with channel numbers.
  • It has Learning Function Remote Control, which copies the basic commands of the TV remote control.
  • Resolution 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 1920*1080, Aspect ratio 16:9, 4:3, Auto.
  • Connections RF IN, 1 SCART, HDMI 1.2 -1.3, USB 2.0 -3.0, Mini USB for IR-Led cable connection , External Power Supply 12V 1A,
  • Greek MenuGreek EPG (Weekly), Greek TELETEXT VBI/OSD, Greek Manual, Menu in many languages
  • USB – PVR Operations. Record – Play programs in USB Stick or External Hard Disk. Timeshift.
  • Play of some Multimedia files from USB disk. Video, Audio, Photo, Subtitle.
  • 8 Favorite Lists, Multiple Functions MenuIf the power goes out, it restarts on the same channel.
  • Upgrade Software via USB Stick, Save/Load Channels to USB., Backup Firmware in USB.
  • Edit Channels, Move, Delete, Parental Lock, Sort channels in the order we want.      
  • Ecological operation in power consumption. Consumption under 0.5W in Standby and under 6W in operation
  • Can be hidden behind the TV, using a Mini USB to IR cable (not included in the price of the receiver)
  • 1 Year Warranty




Caution!!! The above upgrade is only for LEGENT HD8. Do not use the above software on no other model Legent, because they accept different firmwares, which are not compatible with the software LEGEND HD8, so they can cause damage.

Upgrade instructions LEGEND HD8 

The receiver-decoder is connected to the TV connection, but closed by standby.

We copy the last firmware 17-12-2019 in a USB STICK , (we don't change its name and we don't put it inside a folder) and enter the stick to the decoder's USB port. We turn on from stand by.

After the receiver has been turned on, in a few seconds, a message appears on the TV screen : “Disk connected USB..

From the remote control, we press Menu – Tools – Upgrade via USB. A new window appears and there we select Upgrade Mode : Software Upgrade. From below, Upgrade File, select the software file that we have copied to the USB stick and from below press Start OK and then the upgrade process begins. In a few seconds the process is completed and the receiver automatically restarts.

After the upgrade, check by pressing Menu – Tools – System Information, if the software release date 17-12-2019 is indicated.

Save channels to usb and load channels from usb

We scan the channels and arrange them with the remote control in the order we want.  We insert one usb stick to the receiver. Pilet's Menu – Tools - Upgrade via USB.  In the window that appears, select Upgrade Mode : Save channels to USB. and below we see that it was formed automatically a new file ChannelsDateTime.udf  and press Start from below.

If for some reason we do a Factory Reset and the channels are lost, we can restore them through the USB Stick, pressing : Menu – Tools - Upgrade via USB and in the window that appears, select Upgrade Mode : Load channels from USB, below we select the channel file .udf and press Start OK and the channel list is passed to the receiver in the same order.

Backup Firmware

If we want to make a General Backup on the receiver, in All_Code.abs software format, which will include the current software, the channels we have downloaded and arranged in the desired order and settings we have chosen, then we follow the following procedure: Press Menu – Tools – Upgrade via USB. In the window that appears, select Upgrade Mode: Software Backup. Below we see that an All_CodeDateTime.abs file is automatically created and below we press Start OK. In a few seconds it is over and we have created a copy of the software, channels and settings, all together in a software file All_Code.abs , which we can load on other LEGENT HD8 and make them the same as ours.